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Reflection of the Night
July 24 - 27, 2018
4 Day Seminar

with Yvonne Laeubli & Brigitte Kaesermann
Swiss Alps

In these four days in the beautiful mountain area above Savognin, Graubuenden,
you’ll have time - time to connect to yourself and to nature, to where you
come from and where you might go.

During the day you relate inside and outside to who you are, to the spirit of the mountains, the sun, the wind, the trees, plants and animals, to the rivers and the land. What might they mirror for you?

The adventure of the four day seminar will be a waking night. Under the night sky you might find a silence to nourish the song of your heart. The fact of being out there alone may match something inside you. It may call that what is ready to come into your life, to confirm the travel towards your soul.

For accomodation we rent a big house in the mountain village of Mon. During the preparation days you will get information and tools, how to deal with your fears, the weather and safety. For the waking night we will be on the alp, around the base camp of our vision quest place. There, you may choose how close to the base or how far away you wish to be.

Like in a fairy tale, in these four days you may walk and face the unknown,
to call in your courage.
In the darkness of the night, digging within, you find your own treasures,
to become more of who you are.

Date              July 24 - 27, 2018
Time              Tue 12:15pm -  Fri 16:00 pm
                     (extra night to Sat possible)
Place              Altes Schulhaus, 7458 Mon GR

Cost of the seminar (according to your means)  CHF 360.- up to 500.-         
Food & Accomodation                                      CHF 240.-

After your registration you’ll receive the equipment list and how to get there.
With an early train ticket booking you may get cheap tickets (Sparbillette) or cheaper day-cards, see on www.sbb.ch

Brigitte Käsermann, Stückli 47, CH - 3616 Schwarzenegg, phone +4179 455 83 45
kaesermann@vtxmail.ch, www.visionssuche-sinnfindung.ch
Vision Quest Guide, Drum maker, Feldenkrais Teacher, Physio Therapist

Yvonne Läubli, Kirchgasse 30, CH - 6472 Erstfeld, phone +4179 204 36 30
info@myfootprints.ch, www.myfootprints.ch
Vision Quest Guide, Counselor, Teacher of Music and Movement

Footprints on the Way to the Door of Your Heart

A Body, Voice and Drum Workshop,
using Nature to meet your inner Wisdom

with Yvonne Laeubli
Vision Quest Guide, Musician and Counselor
 Glasgow, Sept. 7 -9, 2018 

Can you hear your heart beat? We are of nature too.
This workshop provides the space to explore your body as a sound body. You may explore in a new way too to the body of mother earth and the hum within.
Your personal sound, your vibration, the joy of your heart and your creativity may touch it.
You get time to connect with your feelings, your voice, the way you move and dance. It connects to your heart, how you walk and how you touch.
We will use nature to connect with your own pictures on a very personal level. This can bring more clarity and strength into your everyday life.
 Music helps to connect these inner and outer worlds. Simple techniques - singing and drumming, bring them together and will help to open up your inspiration.

It is possible to come for single days.

Times: Fri 7 pm - 9 pm, Sat 9.30 am - 5.30 pm, Sun 9.30 am - 3 pm Costs: £ 120.-

Please contact Elise V. Allan for registration and information elisevallan@aol.com
or Yvonne Laeubli +4179 2043630 info@myfootprints.ch, www.myfootprints.ch


                                  Vision Quest
                                 english spoken                       

  • March, 10 - 23, 2019 Mojave Desert Ca
  • July 30 - Aug. 11, 2019 Swiss Alps, Graubuenden
Please let me know, if you're interested!
What is a Vision Quest?

The vision quest is a retreat and pausing from everyday life. At times when major changes/crises in life occur or a new orientation in life is due, a vision quest may help to let go off things and past events, in order to make way for new impulses. The vision quest is a confrontation with oneself, with the solitude and power of nature.

To understand life as an ongoing, constant challenge, asks for an interaction between heart, body, mind, and soul. It is about nourishing the spirit, meeting the unknown, feeding a different kind of hunger and thirst. In all cultures, we have long traditions with these things. This is what many people want to touch: to go beyond the world they know and to become more the person they are!

A vision quest is for women, men and young people, who:
    - wonder about life
    - want to find out more about who they are
    - are passing from one life stage to the next
    - like to mark life transitions
    - are in a life crisis
    - want to find more peace with the past and look differently into the future    
    - move from the state of "letting go" to the state of "beginning"

The vision quest can be seen as a type of birthing experience. There is a death of the old and a birth of the new. It is a reconnecting with what is basic, beyond all the concepts and structures we put around everything.

The classic vision quest for adults is open to anyone and is non confessional. It lasts 12 to 13 days - 4 or 5 days of preparation in a house, 4 days and nights fasting alone in a wilderness place and 4 days of integration (in the tent) into your everyday life.

While you are alone, without food and a bare minimum of equipment, you might ponder questions like: "Who am I?" "Where do I come from?" and "What is my intent?"

Relevant book to read: "The Trail to the Sacred Mountain"
  by Steven Foster and Meredith Little
  Lost Borders Press

Seminar fee CHF 1100.- to 1900.- (according to your means)
Accomodation & boarding costs, about CHF 480.-.-

Swiss Guides
Yvonne Laeubli
Vision Quest Guide by the School of Lost Borders, CA/USA
Coach/ Counsellor, phone +41 79 204 36 30
Teacher for Music and Movement
Trained in First Aid for Outdoors